Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I do like to spin!

I am so enjoying my spinning wheel. I am pleasantly surprised, pleased as to how much I enjoy spinning - kind of like a challenge to be consistent, makes me focus and is relaxing all in one.

I am playing with several different fibers seeing which ones I like more - the funny part is each time I spin a new or different fiber I like it 'best' until I spin the next one.

Someone told me how 'creative' I was because of spinning - I laughed. No, not creative - heck Hubby and I went tile shopping (taking up our hardwood as the dogs just are too hard on it) and we are replacing it with tile. We had samples of our cabinets/woodwork and countertop with us. We knew exactly what we wanted. We found about 95% of that. We brought home a sample. We were carrying in the sample board and Bree says, "Ewww, that doesn't go." We argued, we set the tile sample down on the floor, and she is 150% right. So, creative I am not.

But, I am a great technician. That's why I can knit. It is all about putting different types of stitches together in an organized fashion to make something. I cannot visualize putting those stitches together, but I can carry out instructions perfectly.

Spinning is much the same way. It really isn't creative. It's technical.

Here's the last fiber a superwash 100% Merino (yes, it is very soft!) in a hand dyed green multi colorway.
It is amazing to me how different it looks when spun as a single strand then when you ply it (twist 2 strands together) it takes on yet again a different look!

I also finished 2 pairs of socks - now, remember I only allow myself 2 pair a month - in order to knit other things - LOL - but, in March while working on Mom's sweater, I only knit 1 pair - so, of course, I had to catch up in April - I have now hit my quota - finishing 3 pairs this month -

The purple-ish is Angee from Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovations using Sundara, Be Home Late sock yarn. The caramel is Grapevine from Charlene Schurch's book, More Sensational Knitted Socks using Sundara, Comfort Zone sock yarn. Both are soft and stretchy!


Jen said...

Beautiful hand-spun yarn.

I am loving the spinning too. I am becoming obsessed with trying to spin thin enough to end up with a 3-ply sock weight yarn in the end. I am getting there. :)

Lorna said...

Oooh, I can help you with that!

Anonymous said...

OOHHH! you two---spinning away! ! !

I am trying to knit ONE SOCK in a month. Course throw in quilting and stitching-----Hm!!!!

Enjoy Mom