Monday, August 4, 2008

The week between the horse show and July 4th

So, it was a quiet weekend - ok, not quiet but more quiet... We were getting prepared for a July 5th speed show - the first show that Bree was going to be running Tess.

So, I tried to get caught up on my knitting endeavors. The gals and I (Jill, Becky, Lisa, Val and I) went to the big sale at "The Fold" - a cool knitting and SPINNING store out in Marengo. About an hour plus away. Since they were having their sale, I contacted the owner and killed two birds with one stone. We took a "drop-spindle" class and then shopped and took advantage of the sale.

A drop-spindle is a hand held twirly (think of the old-fashioned tops that you spin on the floor) all decorated and made from cool different types of wood. You use roving (raw animal fiber) and attach it to the hook on the spindle and spin the top with one hand and hold the roving in the other to make yarn. If you spin it "thick", then you have a one ply yarn and if you make it really thin, then you make several of them and twist them together to make a plied yarn (lots of sock yarn is either 2 or 3 ply).

So, I like sock yarn, yes I do - so I practiced the thin. It's hard to do with my shoulder as I hold the spindle with my right hand to spin and use my left arm to hold the roving and spread it thin to get really fine yarn. My left arm is the 'bad' one and it just aches after a while. But, I do like doing it - yea, like I need ANOTHER addiction. A forsee a regular spinning wheel in my future. I've actually found internet plans for my oh so woodworking Dad to maybe make.. LOL! Something else for him to shake his head at me about!!! (More about spinning wheels in the future!)

So, bought the spindle and the roving and only played with it once since (something you need to take time to do and I'll do more when Bree is back in school) -

Lisa has taken off on hers - she's an over-achiever for sure!

Also, we shopped. I picked up this yarn called "knitters without borders" and basically a percentage of the cost of the yarn is used for charity. So, by purchasing it I helped someone. I knit the new pattern called "Spring Forward" by Linda Welch with it. The yarn is made by Socks That Rock. Unfortunately, the pattern doesn't show too well - but, I think the color striping is way cool.

I haven't used anything close in this colorway - it is pretty cool and it was a pretty easy "knit" - I like them, they're comfy!

I'll have to take a picture of my spindle and what I've spun so far for a future post!


Paige said...

That drop spindly thingy sounds like something that I could get hurt on--you probably better not let that out around me, or I might put out an eye.

Or tie myself up and fall over.

Does this mean you can now make your own sock material? You are going to end up in the basement spinning and spinning and spinning like Rumplestilksin. But you wont get cold with all those socks!

Shelly said...

I think I've found a new favorite blog. Knitting and horses? Yes! :-)