Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have found that I .....

I have found that I can knit in the car. This is HUGE, BIG, GI-NORMOUS... Because I am probably one of the most car sick type of people out there.. I cannot even read a MAP while driving... So, imagine my amazement when I found I can knit while in a car (and to clarify - I DON'T mean when I'm driving... LOL)

But, here's the PROBLEM... I seem to be the one doing the driving.. So, even though I CAN knit in a car, I don't get the chance.. bummer..

I have knit this summer - socks, socks and more socks.. who doesn't need socks? One might get a hole in it and then the other is either relegated to the back of the drawer to someday possibly get matched up with another loner or it gets tossed because it is one of a kind.. So, by knitting socks.. I'm making sure come fall/winter/spring I have every color, kind, yarn, pattern, etc.. of socks available to me..

One of my knitting group friends, Joy, asked me just how many socks I have knit for myself... Umm.. I counted. 8 or 9 - that's not too many - one per day with an extra (or two) - what's wrong with that? I do knit lots of "footie" socks for Bree - as she doesn't like the taller ones - but, being that her foot is nearly as big as mine now (in length - not girth), she has been known to steal my socks on the needles and claim them as her own..

It's hard to knit socks for others who do not live "closeby" to try on.. I did a pair for my brother for last Christmas - but, had him around when I started them to get a feel for sizing.

I know - I think I should create a "plaster mold" to sell to have someone who you want to knit socks for use for a model of their foot. I'll be RICH I tell you RICH! hahahaa

So, I did finish these: I LOVE them.. one of my favorites - both in yarn and pattern - (unfinished picture is in a previous blog post) and then when we were in Wisc Dells - I wanted to have some knitting with me that wasn't real complicated that I could just toodle away on - so I made myself a pair of the sorbet coolers (like those I make for Bree) - just a tad taller up on the ankle..

Waving Lace by Evelyn Clark and Jen's Knitting Like Crazy - Crazy Soft yarn...

And my Sorbet Coolers - using Knit 1, Crochet 2 Soxx Appeal which I really, really, really, like this yarn - with the wool and a touch of elastic - it is actually nicer to work with than the fixation (in my opinion) and softer I do believe - at least that's what my feet tell me...

Thanks to my model, Miss Bree, for use of her legs while photographing all the neat socks!