Monday, August 11, 2008

Tweener Time....

I had to take a short hiatus from the "summer in review" series as my SIL and Niece arrived here last Wednesday and Mom and Dad arrived last Thursday. Mom and Dad AND Bree left today to go back to Tennessee. Every year they come to visit and take Bree back with them for 5 days-ish and then I drive down and pick her up.

So, that's why there was no new continued posts.. So this one is a "tweener" post - between the county fair (last blog post) and the 4H Fair - next blog post..

Of course, there was knitting between the Fairs!

I just don't know why it is, but I just like knitting socks. How many socks does a person need? I can't answer that, yet, as I just keep knitting more! I have Bree even well stocked!

But, I knit these 2 in the 'tweener' time..

These are called "Embossed Leaves" by Mona Schmidt. I used a yarn called "Pagewood Farms - Yukon" in the Fabulous Fall colorway (get it - Fall Leaves?) - The yarn is SO SO SO soft (has bamboo in it!) They are comfy.

Then I made a Cookie A pattern called "Mingus" and I used a yarn I had not used before called "Zen Garden Bamboolicious" - think it has Bamboo in it - ha! It is the Blue Lagoon colorway. This pattern is not as complex as you think when you first start it. I enjoy the challenge. It's getting harder and harder for me to knit "plain" socks anymore (socks without a lace pattern or something challenging). I guess this is a good thing showing my advancement in knitting, but, kind of excludes lots of patterns to knit!

Been watching the Olympics alot this weekend, and it seems like the faster and more exciting they swim, the faster I knit. I should get alot done in the next 10 days - LOL!


Paige said...

If they keep swimming like they are, you will have socks to send them all as congratulations gifts!

Lorna said...

HA! I need to know their shoe sizes first! or fin sizes as it may be!

Shelly said...

Beautiful socks, they are one of my favorite things to knit.