Monday, August 13, 2007

The Baaa, Baaaa Tote (the sheep tote)

I had always admired from afar Kate' Sheep Tote... (ok not so far - as I was always bugging her about it). So, when we went to Sheep's Clothing in Indiana, I purchased the Fiber Trends Pattern and 2 colors of Cascade yarn - to knit together - I was actually trying to replicate the Malabrigo Chunky that Kate used that NO ONE (gripe, rant, etc..) seems to be carrying or have in stock these days - did I mention how that REALLY ticks me off????

So, I tried my darndest to get close to the colors - (don't think they are but that's the way knitting life is)

Well, it's all knit up - 2 side pockets and 1 large pockets and I'm looking at the picture AFTER I've knit the pockets and SEWN them on and I'm thinking that these darn pockets are WAY TOO tall compared to the picture

Now, since Paige calls me the "Spreadsheet" Queen, and Sarah giggles all the time about my nifty-difty knitting keep track of every row notebook, I am CERTAIN I have followed the directions to the tee.. Even recounted to be sure..

This has been completed (save the handle - as I haven't decided if I'm going to do a knit, wood, or curtain tie back type handle, yet) for about 2 weeks (at least)- but I have NOT felted it as I can't decide whether or not I should RIP OUT the damn pockets and frog back about 10 or such rows to make them look a bit more like the picture on the pattern. I keep walking by it, wondering - so I'll put it out to all of you - should I let it fly and felt it as is? Or rip it back and make it look like the pattern photo???? You be the deciding factor!

Here are the pictures:

And the pattern picture:

So, far I've used 3 Skeins each of Cascade Quatro and 220, size 11 needles and total cost around $45.00


Sarah said...

I say, meh. The pockets look fine to me. Why mess with it?

Carol said...

Wellll ! ! !you did ask and I would rip out those extra rows. Would make it look more nicer and more balanced with the intended design.

On other hand, the deep pocket will keep "stuff" from spilling out.

Typical of Mom---indecision ! !

DK said...

FELT IT! FELT IT! FELT IT! The deep pocket IS kind of nice, actually. And if all else fails and you totally hate it, felt can be cut and modified!

Lorna said...


Ha ha