Monday, August 13, 2007

All sorts of "stuff".... Bree's Anklets

Well, it's only been just over a week since my last post, but, it feels like a lifetime - since I've done so much, been everywhere (so it feels) - to the tune of 1200 miles in 5 days...

So, instead of making ONE monstorous post, I'm going to break it down into smaller ones - would HATE to have ya'll reading another Harry Potter 500 pager.. heee.

So, first and longest ago, I had finished Bree's Anklets over a week ago and was bad about getting pictures taken.. So here they are:

They are made from Cascade Fixation - the stripe is color 9936 and the solid lime is 5806, one ball of each for a total of $10 - but, the good news is that there is enough of each leftover to knit a "reverse" color pair. So, that's 2 pair of socks for $10 - I'm liking that! They were knit on size 2 circs...

Sarah and I commented on the pooling which I think you can kind of see in the 2nd picture - one side of the foot is the "lighter" shades and the other is the more "blue" shades - kind of neat actually!

Bree only wears the anklets and likes them "low" (like the old fashioned peds). So, I modified a couple of different patterns to get it low enough and still have directions for me to follow - Heeee.... They are a quick knit (even for me) - she loves them!

After she's back in school (end of this month), I'll probably start the 2nd pair