Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Sound Of Music...

Our house is filled with the 'sounds of music' - no not Julie Andrews - instead it is the sounds of Bree learning to play the French Horn.

I played French Horn in grade school and high school and when she was going thru the various instruments in band to choose - I kept telling her - choose what you like, not because I played it.. But, in the end she liked the French Horn the best.

And it fits her. It suits her. And she is doing awesome with it!

Our local high school has a program for their better upper level band students whereby they take a course and have to pass a test on 'teaching beginners' how to play and the things to teach, how to teach and the like.

Bree takes lessons from Kelsey. She has had 4 lessons and Kelsey thinks she's doing fantastic. Kelsey's Mom, Shelley plays piano and we sit and have coffee and chat during Bree's lessons at their house on Sunday mornings. Shelley comments often on how Bree's 'sound' is getting so much better and how she can tune to Kelsey playing her horn.

Kelsey is a great role model for Bree. Besides being one of the youngest band members to make the senior symphonic orchestra, she is on the swim team and the high school has over 3,000 students - so competition is quite stiff and she's in 'honor' classes and just a great, great kid.

Bree always practices before going to her lesson even though its 'early' because she wants Kelsey to see how good she's doing and she always seems to be uplifted when she's done.

They also have a cool cat named 'Stretch' because he lays on his side and stretches completely out and pulls himself around in circles with his front legs - like stretching across the carpeting. Bree also gets to play laser light with him and she thinks it is hysterical when he climbs the wall (literally) to try to catch the light.

They have a samoid, named Snowball, which fits him perfectly. He is such a puff ball!

Bree's first concert is December 4th - so stay tuned! (no pun intended!)


DK said...

How cool! Band is always a good idea. So many of my good friends from high school were in band and choir with me. Some of the coolest people I've ever known I met through music.

You're right, it does suit her. She looks like a natural, there. Can't believe how fast she's growing up...

Lorna said...

Oh, Kate.. Tell me about her growing up - she will be 11 tomorrow... OH MY GAWD!

Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE IT! ! She played a couple of "measures" for me on the phone Sunday-----

I wish---I wish! ! !

Now Mom----she is getting old! ! Look at us WE are the same! ! !

Mom and Ree the same ole ! !
Enjoy with hugs, and love Carol alas Ree

Kathy said...

The sounds of children in the house...I miss that sound as all my children are grown and moved away.

I have something for you on my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.